Dr Laura S. Anderson

Dr. Laura Anderson was lucky to call Hawaii home for many years. She recently relocated to the Oakland area in California after living for several years in West Africa. Dr. Anderson understands the nuances and demands of finding balance while working full time and managing family life.

In her personal life, Dr. Anderson has an adventurous spirit and a travel habit. She has visited many countries and lived out of the United States on four occasions in Asia, Australia, Africa and out of her portable backpack. Dr. Anderson enjoys the learning that comes with travel and is invigorated by the rich complexities that are inherent in cross cultural communications and friendships. She is a fiercely loyal friend and has maintained numerous long-term friendships and kinship relationships around the world.

In addition Dr. Anderson loves outdoor activities and as an adult has enjoyed soccer, basketball, outrigger canoe paddling, triathlons, ballroom dancing, tango, and limping her way through countless impossibly-hard-for-her yoga classes. In her free time she has coached local youth sports and participated in various community and civic activities. She also loves creative writing, and hopes to publish writing soon. Dr. Anderson likes people, learning, the wonder of teaching children, and is proudest of her amazing son and her ability to laugh at herself.


“Thanks for applying so much to our particular population. I am walking away with many things I can use, even today!”

“Excellent trainer! BRING DR. ANDERSON BACK!” 

“The most helpful training we have ever had. Dr. Anderson was knowledgeable and engaging and provided helpful interventions.”

"Please bring Dr. Anderson back. She is brilliant and dynamic and the information she presented is so useful!"




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