Adoption Support Services


As an adoptive parent herself, and an active member of various adoptive parenting networks, Dr. Anderson understands the distinct joys and challenges of life in foster and adoptive families.

Do you worry that your child’s many strengths aren’t being seen at school or in the community?

Do you find that parenting ideas that friends and counselors have just
don’t seem to work well with your child?

Would you like support having the many, varied, often hard conversations about adoption?

Dr. Anderson can:

  • Perform thorough trauma-informed and adoption- informed assessments of your child’s home, school, developmental, emotional and social functioning
  • Share strategies that build self-esteem in children
  • Offer strength-based ways to help children regulate and navigate daily routines
  • Help children understand complex concepts in adoption
  • Guide parents through difficult conversations their children need them to be skilled at having
  • Support parents and kids in transracially adoptive families
  • Connect with, and support adopted kids, teens and young adults
  • Help adoptive parents navigate important birth/first family relationships
  • Offer advice about home country tours and other issues specific to international adoption
  • Provide consultation to foster parents and foster care and adoption agencies