International Living Support

Expatriate life comes with many perks and adventures. Yet, it also comes with parenting and family dilemmas distinct to third culture kids and their parents. In her practice, Dr. Anderson takes a strength-based approach to improving clients' well-being. She also brings an understanding of the particular demands of international working, living, and parenting to her practice.

Services provided:

  • Support preparing your children for the next move
  • Coaching regarding explaining recent local, national and international events to your child
  • Guidance parenting third culture teens
  • Consultation to improve your child's success in an international school setting
  • Help preparing your third culture kid for the college transition
  • Coaching to prioritize the self-care parents need to be able to cope with all of the above
  • Trainings at international schools for counseling and teaching faculty
  • Trainings at international schools for parents

**Please note that Dr. Anderson also provides services for people originally from outside of the U.S. who now call California or Hawaii home. She offers consultation and support for individuals and families as they navigate life in the U.S.