School Support Services

Do you have concerns about how your child is performing at
school? Or about how they feel about themselves as a student/learner?

Dr. Anderson completes detailed assessments to identify learning and/or social/emotional strengths and challenges. She has decades of experience working with families and school teams to put practical strategies in place for helping children succeed in public, charter and private schools. Dr. Anderson completes assessments that help shed light on the child's learning potential, as well as identify learning disabilities that may be impacting a child's school performance. Additionally, she completes evaluations which can help identify ADHD, anxiety, depression and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Anderson takes a strength-based and holistic approach to assessing each child, and parents can be assured that assessment results will be thoughtful and helpful. She has worked closely with public, private and charter schools, and she understands the intricate web of decision-making for parents and school teams, and is happy to help parents navigate school processes. With twenty years of experience working with children, Dr. Anderson is also skilled at helping children and teens understand their assessment results in "kid language" in a way that helps them feel confident about their abilities as holistic learners.

Dr. Anderson has decades of experience working directly in schools and can help:
  • Parents understand their child’s learning, social, and emotional needs
  • Parents talk to school teams effectively
  • Teachers and school administration think creatively about classroom approaches and bringing out the best in students
  • Parents and school teams support students with high functioning autism, anxiety, ADHD and depression